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Melamchi Water Supply Project

Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project
Photo taken from the Melamchi Water Supply Project Nepali Site
Project information
Request number 2004/2
Project name Melamchi Water Supply Project
Project number Loan No. 1820-NEP (SF)
Country Nepal


The Project is a large infrastructure project that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the people living in Kathmandu Valley by transferring water from the Melamchi Valley into Kathmandu Valley through a water diversion scheme with a 26-kilometer tunnel. The Project's main components include (i) physical infrastructure development; (ii) social and environmental support; (iii) institutional reforms; and (iv) project implementation support. The physical infrastructure includes the Melamchi diversion scheme (MDS), water treatment plant, bulk distribution system, water distribution networks, wastewater systems, and a shallow groundwater wellfield in Manohara. The Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW) is the project executing agency and the Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB) is the project implementing agency.

Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
1. Filing of request
  Request received by CRP Secretariat with requisite basic information 6 Dec 2004 Request for compliance review [PDF]
2. Registration and acknowledgement of request
  Acknowledgement sent to Requester 8 Dec 2004  
  Request registered 8 Dec 2004  
  Notice of registration sent to Requester 8 Dec 2004 Notice of Registration [PDF]
  Press advisory on registration of request 8 Dec 2004 Press Advisory [PDF]
3. Determination of eligibility of request
  Eligibility of request reviewed by CRP   Reviewed. Eligibility mission held 10-13 December 2004.
  CRP report on its review of eligibility submitted to Board 17 Dec 2004 CRP determines request is ineligible.
Report on Eligibility [PDF]
  CRP informs Requester of its decision 17 Dec 2004