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Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project - Activities

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August 2011

CRP concluded the annual monitoring of the project and circulated its fifth and final Annual Monitoring Report to the ADB Board of Directors on 5 August 2011.

March 2011

The CRP conducted its fifth and final annual monitoring of the project by meeting with ADB staff from the Sri Lanka Resident Mission, government officials, staff of executing and implementing agencies, co-financier (JICA), and requesters from the JBIC section of the project expressway. The CRP also visited the resettlement sites and met some affected people in the ADB-financed section of the expressway in Galle - Kekirihena, Kokarakanda, and Pathirajawatta.

July 2010

On 2 July 2010, the Panel issued their Fourth Annual Report providing progress on the Board-approved remedial actions for the project. Of the 19 recommendations, only 2 remain partially complied.

April 2010

On 19-24 April 2010, the Compliance Review Panel held their fourth monitoring of the project. The Panel held discussions with ADB staff from the Sri Lanka Resident Mission, Secretary of the Ministry of Highways and Road Development, project officials and staff from the Road Development Authority (executing agency), project consultants, and co-financier. The Panel also visited the resettlement sites in Diyagama, Dozartwatte, and Kakirihena.

November 2008

The Panel carried out its third monitoring mission in Sri Lanka from 12 to 18 November 2008.  The Panel visited the project site and resettlement sites in Akmeemana and Diyagamawatta and met the affected persons in Bandaragama and in the Galle area.