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Halina Ward, Panel Member (3 September 2018 - 17 July 2023)

Halina WardIn August 2018, the Board approved the appointment of Halina Ward as a part-time member of the Compliance Review Panel for a five-year term. Her appointment is effective 3rd September 2018.

Ms. Ward is a UK national. She is a lawyer with 25 years of applied policy research, partnership-building, and advisory experience in the fields of sustainable development, responsible business, public participation, evaluation, compliance, and governance of foreign direct investment. A trained mediator and facilitator, Ms. Ward has worked in law firms, consultancies and a technology innovation agency as well as in senior roles with non-governmental organisations including the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the International Institute for Environment and Development. Ms. Ward serves as an Advisor to the Independent Redress Mechanism of the Green Climate Fund (2017 to date), is the unaffiliated member of the Steering Board of the UK National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and a Senior Associate of the International Institute for Environment and Development. Ms. Ward previously served a three-year term as a Project Complaint Mechanism Expert with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Project Complaint Mechanism (2015-2018). She is a non-practising solicitor, and in addition to her role with the CRP currently works as an independent evaluator, advisor and analyst.
View Ms. Ward's CV [PDF]

Ajay Achyutrao Deshpande, Panel Member (7 July 2017 - 8 July 2022)

Ajay DeshpandeThe Board approved the appointment of Mr. Ajay Achyutrao Deshpande as part time member on 11 April 2017 with effectivity until 8 July 2022.

Mr. Deshpande is an Indian national and has nearly 26 years of experience in the field of environment protection and governance. He has also worked as Adjunct Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology. He has worked in several state and central government organizations in India of which more than 15 years working with environmental regulatory agencies. Before joining ADB, he was working as an Expert Member at the National Green Tribunal of India which is a specialized environmental adjuticatory body performing judicial functions. He has worked on various environmental disputes like degradation, restoration and restitution, compensation etc. to resolve them within a technical and legal framework. He holds degree in civil engineering, post graduate and PhD in environmental engineering.
View Mr. Deshpande's CV [PDF]

Dingding Tang, Chair (10 June 2014 - 9 December 2019)

The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Dingding Tang as full-time member for a 5-year term. His appointment is effective 10 June 2014.

Dingding Tang is a national of the People's Republic of China. He has a Master's degree in Business Economics from University of Asia and the Pacific, and a Bachelor's degree in Water Supply and Sewage Treatment from Harbin Industry University. He started his professional career in public service of the PRC in 1984. During his service, he was assigned to United Nations Environment Program in 1996 and also to ADB as Environment Specialist in the former Environment and Social Development Department and Mekong Region Department in 2000-2003. D. Tang is a seasoned manager, having progressively assumed managerial roles, and most recently being Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Environment Protection where he is responsible as a national focal point for developing cooperation programs with International Finance Institutions. He specializes in environmental protection, specifically in implementing environmental safeguards, and conducting assessment and investigation.

Arntraud Hartmann, Panel Member (12 August 2013 - 11 August 2018)

Arntraud HartmannThe Board approved the appointment of Mrs. Arntraud Hartmann as a part-time member for a 5-year term. Her appointment is effective 12 August 2013.

Mrs. Hartmann is a German national with more than 30 years experience in development cooperation. She worked from 1981 until 2004 at the World Bank, where she held Senior Management Positions, such as Director for South East European Countries and Senior Advisor to the Managing Director. She is Visiting Professor for Development Economics at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany, and Adjunct Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Europe. She is a Member of the Compliance Review Mechanism of the African Development Bank (2012-2017). Between 2002 and 2006 she was Senior Advisor to the Secretariat of the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalization, and Director of the Economic Policy Forum of InWent, Germany. She conducts research and publishes on aid effectiveness issues. Mrs. Hartmann holds degrees in law, economics and international relations.
View Mrs. Hartmann's CV [PDF]

Lalanath De Silva, Panel Member (1 October 2012 - 31 October 2016)

The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Lalanath De Silva as a part-time member for a 5-year term. His appointment is effective 1 October 2012.

Mr. De Silva is a Sri Lankan national who has over 30 years of experience in the fields of environmental, human rights, administrative, constitutional and international law. He was a public interest litigator and advocate for over two decades, co-founding two public interest NGOs in Sri Lanka. He worked as the Legal Consultant to the Ministry of Environment and Forests in Sri Lanka and as a Legal Officer in the Environmental Claims Unit of the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva. Currently, he is the Director of the Access Initiative at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC. He obtained a PhD from the University of Sydney, Law School, in Australia, a Master of Laws Degree from the University of Washington, Law School, Seattle, USA and graduated from the Sri Lanka Law College with honors.
View Mr. De Silva's CV [PDF]

Rusdian Lubis, Panel Chair (13 April 2009 - 7 April 2014)

The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Rusdian Lubis as Chair of the Panel for a 5-year term. His appointment is effective 13 April 2009 until 7 April 2014.

Mr. Lubis is an Indonesian national who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of environmental management. He worked with the government, university and private firms in Indonesia and the World Bank as senior executive. He is also Chairman of the Boards for Dana Mitra Lingkungan (Environmental Funds) since 2008 and also the founder of Yayasan Waetasi an NGO for coastal conservation in Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1986. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences both from Bogor Agricultural University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Agricultural and Resources Economics from Oregon State University in the USA.

Anne Deruyttere, Panel Member (21 July 2008 - 21 July 2013)

Anne Deruyttere Ms. Deruyttere is a national of Belgium who has over 30 years of experience on indigenous peoples, sustainable development and poverty reduction. For many years she worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, most recently as Chief of the Indigenous Peoples and Community Development Unit. She authored and coordinated the preparation of IDB's policies on involuntary resettlement and on indigenous issues, and wrote many studies and reports on culture and development, community participation and social safeguard issues. Currently, she is an international consultant with the International Fund for Agriculture Development, the World Bank, the German Development Cooperation Agency (GTZ) and several universities.

Antonio La Viņa, Panel Member (1 June 2007 - 1 June 2012)

Mr. La Viņa is a Philippine national. He is presently Dean, Ateneo School of Government, Philippines and Philippine country representative, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Prior to this, he was a Senior Fellow and Program Director at the World Resources Institute, USA; the Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs and Attached Agencies at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines; and law professor at the University of the Philippines. He was the cofounder, trustee, researcher and policy director for the Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center/Kasama sa Kalikasan—Friends of the Earth, Philippines.

Augustinus Rumansara, Panel Chair (12 December 2003 - 13 December 2008)

Mr. Rumansara's appointment is for a 5-year term, full-time for a minimum of one year. His appointment on a full-time basis from 12 December 2003 until 29 February 2008 has been approved by the Board. In January 2008, the Board approved the remainder of his appointment from 1 March until 11 December 2008 on a part-time basis.

Mr. Rumansara is an Indonesian national. He previously held the position of vice-president, Integrated Social Strategy, with BP in Indonesia. Before working in the private sector, he served as bioregional director at the Worldwide Fund for Nature from 1998 to 2001. He was a director at the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Initiative Development in Irian Jaya, a micro-enterprise development NGO in Indonesia , from 1996-1998. From 1991-1996, he was executive secretary of the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), where his work included facilitating advocacy activities of Indonesian NGOs with local and foreign governments and promoting INFID's concerns such as equity and justice, people's participation, and sustainable development. Prior to working at INFID, he was from 1986-1990 executive director of the Irian Jaya Rural Community Development Foundation, an NGO focused on various activities such as the impact of the development process in the area on local communities through environment, land rights, and transmigration.

Richard E. Bissell, Panel Member (12 December 2003 - 11 December 2007)

Mr. Bissell is a United States national. While serving his term as a Panel Member, he was also executive director of the Policy and Global Affairs Division at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. From 1997-1998, he headed the interim secretariat of the World Commission on Dams, a joint initiative of the World Bank and the World Conservation Union. He was on the World Bank Inspection Panel from 1994-1997 and was chair from August 1996 to July 1997. From 1986-1993, he was a senior official at the U.S. Agency for International Development, directing the Bureau of Policy and Program Coordination and the Bureau of Research and Development. Previously, he held a variety of teaching and research positions in various universities in the United States, including Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University.

Vitus A. Fernando, Panel Member (12 December 2003 - 11 December 2006)

Mr. Fernando is a Sri Lankan national. He held the position of Advisor/ Director, Implementation at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) from July 1999 to February 2003 and was a policy advisor to the Ministry of Forests and Environment in Sri Lanka from 1997-1999. From 1996-1997, he was a consultant/advisor to bilateral donors, international agencies and multilateral development banks on various matters such as institutional development and decentralization issues. He served as director of the World Conservation Union (IUCN)'s Asia/Pacific Program from 1986-1996. He was a senior program officer at the World Commission on Environment and Development (Bruntland Commission) from 1985-1986 and a capital development officer for the United States Agency for International Development from 1979-1984. He held senior staff positions at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Fisheries in Sri Lanka from 1972-1979.

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