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Samoa: Promoting Economic Use of Customary Land and Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project

Project information
Request number 2016/2
Project name Samoa: Promoting Economic Use of Customary Land and Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project
Technical Assistance (TA) number/ Grant number TA No. 4712, TA No. 7387, TA No. 8481, and Grant No. 0392
Country Samoa


The technical assistance (TA 4712) to promote the economic use of customary land was agreed by ADB and the Government of Samoa during programming discussions in 2003 and was listed in the Samoa Country Strategy and Program Update 2004–2006. It follows on from exploratory work prepared under component 4 of the ADB Small Business Development Project, and the associated technical assistance for capacity building of financial and business advisory intermediaries which aimed to "improve the policy and Iegislative environment for small business development". TA 4712 established and supported a working group on the economic use of customary land with representatives of Government, the private sector, and the community which submitted a report to Cabinet recommending activities to promote the economic use of customary land. The main role of the TA was to assist the Government of Samoa to implement the Cabinet's decisions in approving the report.

Under Phase II (TA 7387), the expected outcome was an improved customary land leasing framework. The TA implemented three priority areas identified in the project implementation plan (PIP) for customary land reform developed under TA 4712: (i) national coordination of customary land stakeholders; (ii) capacity building to support customary land administration reforms; and (iii) effective community advocacy.

Phase III (TA 8481) was envisioned to directly respond to key outcome 5 of the Strategy for the Development of Samoa(SDS) 2012-2016 which focuses on improving the enabling environment for business development. One of the strategic areas identified under this outcome is raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service to support the private sector and the community.

The Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project (Grant 0392) is expected to promote commercializing and exporting agricultural produce and processed products along agro-value chains to stimulate agriculture's role in economic growth and poverty reduction in Samoa. It will provide business support services and financing to agribusinesses.

Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
  CRP received a request for compliance review (the complaint) 20 April 2016 Request for compliance review [PDF]
  CRP informs the complainants, borrower, ADB Board member representing the country concerned, and ADB Management about receipt of the complaint 26 April 2016  
Step 1. Requesting Management Response  
  CRP's initial assessment of the complaint 26 April 2016 Completed
  CRP's assessment 26 April 2016 Complaint falls within the mandate of the compliance review function
  CRP forwards the complaint to ADB Management for response 27 April 2016  
Step 2. Determining Eligibility  
  Eligibility of complaint reviewed by the CRP   Completed
  CRP report on its review of eligibility submitted to ADB Board. 20 July 2016 Completed
  CRP informs the complainants, borrower, ADB Board member representing the country concerned, ADB Management, and ADB Operations Department of its decision 21 July 2016 Completed
Step 3. Board Decision on Authorization of Compliance Review  
  Board decision on authorization of compliance review 10 August 2016 Board decision [PDF]
  Chair's Summary of the ADB Board Compliance Review Committee 18 August 2016 Chair's Summary of ADB's Board Compliance Review Committee [LINK]
  CRP report on eligibility posted on website 18 August 2016 DOC.R60-16: Chair's Summary of the Board Compliance Review Committee and CRP's Eligibility Report (with Management's Response) [PDF]
  Complainants informed of ADB Board decision 19 August 2016