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People's Republic of China: Guangxi Southwestern Cities Development Project

Project information
Request number 2017/1
Project name People's Republic of China: Guangxi Southwestern Cities Development Project
Loan number Loan 2657
Country People's Republic of China


The project will support the urban development of three medium-sized cities in the southwestern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guangxi) Fangchenggang City, Chongzuo City, and Baise City. All the project cities are surrounded by counties with widespread poverty. The project will have six investment components in the project cities and one capacity development component. The investment components in each project city will be part of an overall city development program guided by a well prepared city development master plan. The capacity development component is designed to complement the infrastructure development to be funded under the project. It is part of the national poverty reduction strategy to promote inclusive growth in the less-developed western PRC. The project has adopted a holistic approach to building urban roads and underground municipal infrastructure in a coherent and integrated manner. Construction of urban infrastructure is supported with capacity development and environmental improvement components, including activities to strengthen climate change resilience of coastal and inland urban areas. The complaint pertains to the Fangchenggang component of this project. Based on immediately available project documents, this component will include the construction of a (i) 17.285 km road network; (ii) ii) Main and secondary sewer and drainage system in the Gongche Industrial Park; and (iii) Anfujiang Bridge with total length of 240 m. Some construction works in Fangchenggang were delayed due to relocation issues but a special review mission by ADB (PRCM) from 28 November to 2 December 2016 settled the major land acquisition and resettlement issue thereby resulting to the resumption of works.

Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
  CRP received a request for compliance review (the complaint) 16 February 2017 Request for compliance review [PDF]
  CRP informs the complainants, borrower, ADB Board member representing the country concerned, and ADB Management about receipt of the complaint and the CRP's initial assessment of the complaint 21 February 2017 Per CRP's initial assessment, the complaint is considered not within the mandate of the compliance review function and thus was forwarded to East Asia Department.