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Sri Lanka: Integrated Road Investment Program-Tranche 4

Project information
Request number 2022/4
Project name Sri Lanka: Integrated Road Investment Program-Tranche 4
Loan number Loan 3610
Country Sri Lanka


The complainants have alleged that they were unable to continue the planned landscape improvements on their property for nearly a year now because large amount of concrete debris, tar, parts of trees and soil have been disposed on their property by the road expansion project funded by ADB. They claimed that their original site improvement plan had to undergo a complete deviation due to impact of indiscriminate construction caused by the ADB-funded road expansion project. Aside from damage to some of their properties, the complainants further stated in their complaint that the natural water stream-ditch which enabled the smooth flow of water through their property has been destroyed causing such natural flow of water to deviate from its original course and that the access road to their property has become unusable due to the passing of heavy vehicles, like excavators and tractors, working on the road expansion.

Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
  CRP received a request for compliance review (the complaint) 18 October 2022  
  CRP informs the complainants, borrower, ADB Board member representing the country concerned, and ADB Management about receipt of the complaint 25 October 2022 Completed
Step 1. Requesting Management Response  
  CRP's initial assessment of the complaint 25 October 2022 Completed
  CRP's assessment 25 October 202 Complaint falls within the mandate of the compliance review function
  CRP forwards the complaint to ADB Management for response 25 October 2022 ADB Management's response expected on or before 24 November 2022
  Complainants withdrew their complaint from the compliance review function of ADB’s Accountability Mechanism 8 November 2022  
  In accordance with paragraph 153 of the Accountability Mechanism Policy, the CRP terminates further processing of the complaint 11 November 2022