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Mongolia: Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project

Project information
Request number 2023/1
Project name Mongolia: Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project
Loan, Technical Assistance, and Grant numbers Loans 3679 and 3786, TA 9544, and Grant 0644
Country Mongolia


The complainants have alleged that the project resulted to loss of business income, impacts on livelihood, road safety, and environmental issues. The complainants confirmed that they tried to reach out to the concerned government agencies, but their issues remain unresolved.

Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
  CRP received a request for compliance review (the complaint) 8 May 2023  
  CRP informs the complainants, borrower, ADB Board member representing the country concerned, and ADB Management about receipt of the complaint    
Step 1. Requesting Management Response  
  CRP's initial assessment of the complaint 15 May 2023 Completed
  CRP's assessment 15 May 2023 Complaint falls within the mandate of the compliance review function
  CRP forwards the complaint to ADB Management for response 15 May 2023 ADB Management's response received on 14 June 2023
Step 2. Determining Eligibility  
  Eligibility of complaint reviewed by the CRP 14 July 2023 Completed
  CRP report on its review of eligibility submitted to ADB Board. CRP deems the complaint ineligible and does not warrant a compliance review. 4 August 2023 Eligibility Report in English and in Mongolian