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CAREC Transport Corridor I (Bishkek-Torugart Road) Project 1

CAREC Transport Corridor I (Bishkek-Torugart Road) Project 1
Project information
Request number 2011/2
Project name CAREC Transport Corridor I (Bishkek-Torugart Road) Project 1
Grant number Grant No. 0123-KGZ
Country Kyrgyz Republic


Improvement of the Bishkek–Torugart road will be implemented in three phases and includes (i) improving 488 km of the Bishkek– Torugart road in the Kyrgyz Republic and the 20 km Bishkek bypass road, (ii) modernizing infrastructure and facilities at the Kyrgyz Republic–PRC border crossing at Torugart, and (iii) policy and institutional support in the road subsector.

This project under compliance review is for Project 1, the outputs of which are (i) an improved 39- km road section from Km 400 to Km 439 of the Bishkek–Torugart road, (ii) modernized customs infrastructure at the Kyrgyz Republic– PRC border crossing at Torugart, (iii) a transport sector master plan for 2010–2025, and (iv) a fully operational Bishkek–Torugart Road Corridor Management Department. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the Project executing agency.

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Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
1. Filing of request
  Request received by CRP Secretariat with requisite basic information 23 May 2011 Request for compliance review in Russian, English translation [PDF]
2. Registration and acknowledgement of request
  Registration of request 10 June 2011  
  Notice of registration and acknowledgement sent to Requester 10 June 2011 Notice of Registration in English, in Russian [PDF]
  Press advisory on registration of request 10 June 2011 Press Advisory [PDF]
3. Determination of eligibility of request
  Eligibility of request reviewed by CRP   Reviewed
  CRP report on its review of eligibility submitted to Board 29 June 2011 CRP determines request is eligible and recommends to the Board to authorize compliance review.
  CRP informs Requesters of its decision 30 June 2011  
4. Board authorization of compliance review
  Board authorization of compliance review 20 July 2011  
  Receipt of Board's authorization of compliance review 21 July 2011  
  Requesters informed of Board's decision 22 July 2011  
  CRP report on eligibility and Board's decision posted on website 22 July 2011 Report on Eligibility in English and in Russian [PDF] ;
and Board's decision [PDF]
5. Conducting the compliance review
  CRP provides Draft TOR to BCRC for clearance 9 August 2011  
  BCRC's clearance of TOR 22 August 2011  
  TOR provided to the Board and the Requesters;
and posted on website
24 & 25 August 2011 Terms of Reference in English, in Russian [PDF]
  Investigation   Site visit held on 6-8 February 2012
6. CRP Draft Report
  Issued and sent to Management and Requesters 18 May 2012  
7. Management Response and Requester Response to CRP Draft Report
  Management Response received 18 June 2012  
  Requesters Response received 18 June 2012  
8. CRP Final Report
  Issued to the Board for final decision 3 July 2012  
9. Board's Decision
  Board Meeting 24 July 2012  
  Board's Decision 9 August 2012 Board's Decision [PDF]
  Board's decision & CRP Final Report sent to Requesters and posted on website 9 August 2012 CRP Final Report in English, in Russian [PDF] (Management Response and Requester's Response to CRP Draft Report are attached)
10. Post-decision Monitoring
  CRP commences monitoring    
  CRP forwarded draft monitoring report to BCRC    
  CRP sent final monitoring report to Board and posted on website