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Reporting Fraud or Corruption

To report concerns or evidence that corrupt, fraudulent, coercive, or collusive practices or any other integrity violations (Prohibited or Sanctionable Practices) may have occurred or occurring in any project or activity financed by or related to any of the MDBs, you may contact the MDB concerned via email, facsimile (fax), mail, in person, or by telephone.

Allegations can be made anonymously or you may prefer to include your identity. When making an anonymous allegation you are encouraged to provide some related information that will allow the specific MDB to communicate with you, such as a web-based email address that may not necessarily disclose your real identity. Information concerning the identity of a complainant is confidential.

When reporting allegations, please provide as much information and detail as possible, including who, what, when, where, why, and how. For example

Who do you think committed the integrity violation? Who else was implicated? Who else might have been involved?

What happened? Describe the events fully and using as much relevant detail as possible.

When did it happen? Provide dates and frequency (how many times did it occur).

Where did it happen? Include not only the city and country, but, if possible, an actual location (such as address, name of the building, office number).

How does your allegation relate to the business/project of the MDB concerned? Does the allegation involve staff of the MDB?

Confidentiality of Information

Each institution has its own rules regarding confidentiality. Please check with the concerned MDB:

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