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How does cross debarment work?

A debarment decision will be eligible for cross debarment if:

• it is for fraud, corruption, collusion or coercion (See Sanctionable Practices)
• it is public
• the initial period of debarment exceeds one year
• the decision was made after the cross debarment agreement has entered into force with respect to the Sanctioning Institution
• the sanctionable practice occurred within 10 years of the date of commission of the sanctionable practice, and
• it is not based on a decision of national or other international authority.

After debarring an entity, an MDB sends a Notice of Debarment Decision to the other signatories for which the Agreement is in force. The recipient MDBs recognize the debarment so long as there are no legal or institutional considerations that would prevent the MDB from doing so.

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